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Month: January 2004

Not dead yet…

I’m still on my tour of guest rooms and couches of friends of mine due to the evil “renters”; spent last night on Aryntha and Rai’s couch.

Fortunately it is a grand and comfy couch! 😉

As always I was instantly the best buddy of both of the cats, especially Mina who spent the night sleeping on my butt and is right now curled up next to me purring away.

So far this has been a less than pleasant week. The night before last, when I was at Tina and Rick’s place, Tina was exceptionally drunk and was hugging all over me all night… Tina gets very “love-y” when she’s drunk. This unfortunately pissed off Rick and they got into a fight that night… This of course prompted me to head out before sunrise that morning and catch myself another nap at the shop.

Maybe I’ll just buy myself a cot and keep it there at the shop…

So, since the renters came the only decent sleep I’ve gotten was last night, and I had to drive two hours for that.

Fortunately for me I’ve got some really cool friends. 🙂

Today we will be heading north of Denver for some more fone-phun. I have to stop by the accountant’s place on the way out and drop off a big pile of paperwork, then tomorrow I have to swing by Lyon and Wolf’s place to install their new router, configure Wolf’s computer to access the Sony camera I gave them, and fill out some form for the car… Then I head back up the mountain just in time for Larry to return wherein my days will get several hours longer due to some project he’s got brewing.

I need a vacation. 😉

Here I am…

Ok, things got so bad with the renters that I'm now holed up at Rick and Tina's place, spending the night in the “hippie room”.

It turns out that the renters called the rental agency and complained that the house was dirty, after Tina spent 10 hours over there cleaning it up and getting it ready. Well the rental agency, not having a single complaint about Chateau D'Isaster for the last few years, called Vivian. Vivian called Tina and Tina went ballistic. She marched over to the house to find out what the issue was and got to see first hand what the renters had done to the place in one evening. Tina called Vivian back with the info (including the fact that folks were in the basement) and Vivian went ballistic. Vivian called the rental agency saying that she wanted those -people- out of her house immediately and apparently the rental agency called the renters and they'll be gone tomorrow.


All this for $2500 a night… It's not worth it.

I napped from 4pm till 6pm in an effort to catch up from last night…

I managed to coble Tina and Rick's old P-166 together, find 16 megs of ram that works, resurrect an old 239 meg Connor, load win95, and add an old external Viva 14.4 modem (it's got a rabbit icon that lights up for “high speed”) to get online with. It's slow, but it's also retro enough to fit in around here. It's really got me wanting to call a BBS just so I can watch ANSI scroll up the screen again…

And with that I think I'll stare at the ceiling for a little while and feel the Earth turn…

Get yer hands off me you damn dirty ape…

It’s morning for me, for the third time.

These creatures sleep in shifts, probably for safety in an unknown environment. Now while it’s easy for me to sleep though a continual high level of noise, a sudden and loud sound in silence will awaken me. Therefore I was awoken at 3am, 5am, and 7am as each shift changed.

Add to this the fact that I’ve developed a full-on head cold and that my sinuses feel as if someone filled them with quickset concrete, and it’s easy to see why I’m not in the best of moods this morning.

Another thing I have noticed about these creatures is that they seem to spend a great deal of time either making fun of something they don’t understand or griping about the same. An example of this was the half an hour of laughing as one of them discovered Vivian’s “Shalom on the Range” cookbook. This prompted all sorts of “jewish” anecdotes in regards to the house and the people who live in it.

The biggest gripe so far seems to deal with the fact there are no computers set up here anymore. See, Larry advertises the house as having three computers set up with high speed internet access and hasn’t changed this yet. We don’t do that anymore do to the last few groups of primates who managed to screw them up to the point that one was thrown out and the others needed several hours of maintenance that I’m just not willing to do, so that I can do it again in a week.

Now it appears that one has successfully broken into the garage, which is off limits even according to the papers they signed, and has been going on about the “old Austin Martin down there.” First off, it’s not an Austin Martin, it’s a Jaguar XJ12. Secondly, get the hell out of my basement.

I’m trying to figure out how to punish these apes for breaking the rules. I think I’ll come blasting up in the Wag here in an hour or so and run into the garage. When asked, I’ll mention that the alarm went off and I just drove up from Denver to check on things.

Nice legs… For a human…

It’s 5pm and the “guests” are here…

I’m in stealth mode right now as I’m feeling a bit under the weather and I really don’t want to deal with them all; so I took a nap for an hour or so with the help of some big Sony ‘whole ear’ headphones and four years of Naval Training which taught me that I could sleep quite nicely on top of a running steam turbine.

I feel like some kind of anthropologist studying a tribe of apes from a blind somewhere… They don’t know I’m here so they’re acting ‘normal’ and that is giving me a lot of insight into the activities of the middle-american ape in its natural environment.

There are 17 of them, 8 adults and 9 children, consisting of three family groups interlinked by a common parental unit. The remaining two adults are rogue males who appear to be attached to one another.

So far the topics of discussion amongst the adults for the last 3 hours have ranged from “what was the best episode of ‘American Idol’” to “what was the best episode of ‘Friends’”… These are serious TV watchers; reflected by their first half hour here of finding all of the TVs and making sure we got local channels. The young appear to be incapable of sustained communication and usually resort to assorted whoops and screeches.

That and these creatures in general are *loud*; really, really loud. I would assume it’s from spending 6-8 years talking over the volumes of their young which, according to my sound pressure meter, have peaked at an ear-shattering 94dB through a wooden door… Just a few points shy of a running jet engine. And of course the young generate all of this noise while rampaging through the nesting area in something akin to a 7.5 Richter earthquake. Just about anything sends the young into spasms of screeching. For example, one seems to have touched another wrongly and this has elicited about an hour of uncontrolled flopping and screaming.

As I don’t want them to know I’m here, I have my door locked. This has prompted each of them to try the door knob at least twice and two of the adult males have tried the main house keys on it in hopes that it would open. It didn’t, and this prompted them to bang on the door handle repeatedly for a while, then go around on the deck and try the sliding glass door a few times.

Right now they are engaged in a dinner ritual. Preceding the feasting three of the adult males sought out the local Wal-Mart hunting ground which was seen on the way to this nesting area. There were a few minutes of elevated hooting and hollering as the adult females attempted to instruct the adult males on how to get to their preferred hunting ground, which seemed to aggravate the males by insinuation that they couldn’t handle it.

It sounds as if the communal dinner ritual has about ended. There have been murmurings of “Super Bowl” from the males over the last hour. I will assume this means the nesting area will become quite a disaster area come Sunday. I should probably make plans to not be here…

That’s all for this missive from the outback of humanity. I’ll continue my observations and post my findings in the morning.

All the world's a stage and you're the only one sitting in the audiance…

It’s one of those beautiful Rocky Mountain days up here today with weather you can only find here. The sun is shining and it’s pleasant outside even as it’s snowing about a thousand feet up the mountain from here. Seriously, you can stand in my driveway in a t-shirt and look up at a blizzard…

I reloaded XP Pro on my desktop last night so things will be a little weird for a while as I get everything re-loaded, re-setup, and running again.

No matter what Microsoft might say, you still have to do a clean install of your OS about once a year. Especially if you install and uninstall a lot of software or use Visual Studio like I do… It’s just impossible to clean out everything over time.

So far the re-load is going well and the system is back to it’s zippy self again. I was getting a bit concerned as Second Life was really bogging things down and I didn’t figure this system would be all that easy to bog down.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, there are more renters coming tonight and staying though Sunday I believe. That means I have to put on my “I like humanity” face and be nice to a troop of complete strangers that I will most likely not have *anything* in common with. No worries though, I can play just about any part I’m handed. 🙂

And with that I think I’ll get back to the re-loading of the computer… I have all of the network software I use re-loaded; SimpleMU, SL, Shareaza, Bulletproof, etc. So now I need to work on the art stuff like Photoshop and Painter, and all of my music stuff like Soundforge and MPTrack.