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Month: June 2004

Cold and wet…

Well, so far it's been a very cold and wet week here. Not that I mind, mind you; we need the water and I like it cool. Right now it's an almost exact duplicate of being in the mountains of Washington state outside with the pine smells and perpetual drizzle. Well, that and it looks like I'm living in a Led Zeppelin album cover. 🙂

Here's a shot from my deck at the ridge to the south:

I've also gotten a chance now to play around with some of the new features in “Tiger”, the new Macintosh OS version, and it pretty much blows everything I've used out of the water.

The new system-wide search features, “spotlight”, definitely work as advertised and having RSS and Atom services built into Safari (the web browser) is really nice.

What will be the best part of “Tiger” will be what programmers do with all of the changes under the hood – CoreImage and CoreVideo will really turn things up a notch.

Well, I'm going to get back to work now. Have a great day out there folks…

Fleetwood MacCrystal

Another overdue update…

Not much to update really, just been working my tail off… Which is rather impressive considering the length of my tail.

Let's see here. Larry and Vivian will be gone for about two months starting next week and during that time it will be my job to make sure everything stays show-ready around here.

Oh, because I've been spending 16 or so hours a day in front of the computer for the last few weeks I've developed a minor DVT problem (deep vein thrombosis) which has me keeping my leg elevated while sitting in front of the computer and taking long walks of a day. So far I don't think it's anything to worry about and I've done everything a doctor would tell me to do, so I should be ok… This too shall pass. 🙂

Well, I have to run, but I leave you with a photo taken at the latest Apple World Wide Developer conference:

Hmm, I guess other folks have noticed the “striking” similarities between OSX and Longhorn 🙂

Pink FloydHigh Hopes

Weekend Update

Just a quick update.

Aryntha and Rai were up here for the weekend and of course we had to go out, drive around, and take pictures of things…

This photo is from on top of a mountain that we Honda'd to just east of Glenwood Springs… Yes, we were after another tower called “Storm King”, but it has eluded us for the moment. We finally met a location that beat the hill climbing powers of the Honda.

Anyways, this is looking south east across the valley from where we finally stopped…

I'll post more about this weekend's adventures later…

Ian AndersonGriminelli's Lament


Well, a good night's sleep and a couple cups of coffee and I'm right as rain again. How long this lasts in light of what I have to do today has yet to be seen though.

Today I get to wrestle with yet another PC… Larry bought a new Compaq last week with the idea that he can convert his old video tapes to DVD with it…

This should be fun… I'll be spending a few hundred hours explaining to Larry that the PC “just doesn't do that” or the ever popular “well, you just have to reboot Windows that often.”


I'll probably wind up doing all of the transfers on my Mac at night and leading him to believe his PC is “all that”… See, if I volunteer to do it Mac-wise Larry starts in on a tirade about how the Mac is a toy and to do real work requires a PC.

Yeah, ok, whatever…

It's amazing how used to it you get over time. I got used to having to perform registry magic to install hardware, I learned to except that you simply had to reboot the machine once a day for some random reason, that when the OS crashed you lost everything… And now that I don't have to do that anymore having to deal with it still for other people really frustrates me.

The real bonus of the last few weeks is Norton: Larry installed Norton's “internet security” on his laptop a while back in a vain attempt to patch a few of the holes in the OS. Well, since the restore from his backups anything Norton will neither run, nor install. I've exhausted everything I know (remember I have years of schooling in PC and windows here), run though everything on Norton's web site (did you know that the windows-norton combination is so bad they have created utilities to remove things?) and finally called tech support who, after two days, simply said “reinstall the OS”… Like that is a common answer.

Yay windows.

Anywho, I'm off to fix a pot of chili and then get back to fighting a bad collection of hardware and software in some odd semblance of a job.

Take it easy out there…

Ian AndersonEurology