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Month: July 2004

Notes from the edge…

Another weekend is looming on the horizon, and that's a good thing.

Let's see, what's happened in the last few days… Hmm, not a lot I guess.

I've been getting up, futzing with the computer for a little bit, then working on my daily chores of kitchen cleaning and general house maintenance, then performing my general “listen to today's problem and comment on the fix” duties. Today I'll be fixing the vacuum then spending some time working on Noan's car before Scales gets up and bends my ear for a couple of hours in regards to whatever thing will have him spun up today.

Been talking theology, psychology, and magic with folks around Haven over the last few days. Some interesting discussions to be sure. Last night Fox was here for an hour or so and there was some discussion in regards to the reconciliation of hermetic traditions and pagan beliefs. Fun stuff.

Led ZepplinKashmir

Mid week update…

Sunrise in Denver…

Yep, still in Denver. With Wolf still needing the Lincoln to get back and forth to work, Larry still not paying me for last month, and the fact it's kind of nice to have people around to talk to of an evening; I'm still here.

I've gotten the online store finished for Larry… Now if I could just get paid for it I'd be a lot happier. The last time I talked to Vivian (she had me on the phone with some IT moron from the hotel to talk him though setting up her laptop to work with the wireless there) she said Larry would be cutting me a check this week…

I'll believe it when I see it.

On the subject of computers I spent a couple of hours elbow deep in Scale's computer yesterday… Oh the joy.

I've also had a talk with Wolf about them, hobbies, and other things which patched things up a bit. Yay talking.

Other than that, folks here are finally stirring and getting ready for another day of the day-to-day so I should sign off.

Take it easy out there in net-land…


The middle of the week…

Well, the week so far has been pretty mellow and I've been more relaxed than I have in months… A good thing to be sure.

Today I cleaned the kitchen here at “Haven”… It's obvious that Wolf has either been exceptionally stressed or her new lifestyle has her too, umm, busy. See, she's normally a borderline neat-freak, but this morning it took me a half an hour just to get the sink into a state where I figured it was safe to do dishes. It's ok though, I rolled up my sleeves and dug into the place with enthusiasm: all of the counters, tables, appliances, etc are now ick free to my specifications. 🙂

Housework can be such a zen-like thing if you let go of the angst of doing it and just get into it. So sayeth me. 🙂

Anyways I'm taking a little break here before I start in on the microwaves. I did the range top right down to the drip pans but still need to do the front.

Anyways, enough with that. The rest of the week and weekend promise to be a little more hectic as I attempt once again to be all things for all people. Zeze will be flying in some time tomorrow for a job interview and I have to pickup, deliver, wait, pickup and deliver to the airport and interview. Then at about 5am Saturday I have to pick up Aryntha and Rai and deliver them to the airport too.

Not a big deal, just a lot of trips to the airport. 🙂

And of course I have to do all of this around Wolf who's using my car to get back and forth to work and whatever gas is left in it from said traveling.

I still don't know what time Zeze is coming in tomorrow so I don't know how I'm going to work Wolf into everything… Nothing like last minute planning to keep your stress levels up.

Ok, well back to work. Have a great day out there folks.

Annie LennoxInto the West

Another day in the life…

Well, Lyon and I got the cooler fixed and life is much better here in the sweltering heat of Denver. The inside of the house is about 77 and outside it's over 100.

Lyon had to run off to class for his mid terms tonight. He'll do ok, he spent the afternoon studying for it.

As soon as Lyon left Wolf called… The car she's borrowing from Noan as hers got stolen, a Kia, broke down on the highway.

So Noan and I pile into his other car and run off to effect a rescue. On the way there the courtesy patrol comes along and does some checking to determine the fuel pump is out. I tell Noan that this is probably not the case and I'll diagnose it when we get there. Anyways, the courtesy patrol gets Wolf and the car to a gas station off the highway and we meet her there…

I poke around under the hood and find out that the culprit is a blown fuel injector fuse, and replacing said fuse blows the new one instantly… Grounded injector.

So now Noan has to get the car here so I can take it apart and meter the injectors to find the problem child and replace it… I'm nothing if not multitalented. 😛

So this once again leaves Wolf without transportation to work, so I'll be letting her borrow the Lincoln during the days for the rest of the week while I try to fix the Kia.

Ahh the wonders of modern life…

Jethro TullGreensleeved [instrumental]

The things we do when on vacation…

Lyon and I were up at the crack of dawn this morning and off to get a two-story ladder to get on the roof and take a look at the swamp cooler.

See, Lyon is on vacation this week and I'm sort of taking a week off too, so what do we do? House repairs…

It's fun though as we make a hell of a team in just about anything we do. So while Lyon disassembled the cooler and checked out components I cleaned the filters and diagnosed the parts as he pulled them. It turns out that the copper line feeding the things has a break in it and the water pump had melted down.

We had help from Scales too who ran around getting tools, flipping switches, and fiddling with valves. He's also got a hell of an arm and can put a can of wd40 right into your hand from 20 feet down. 🙂

So right now we're down from the roof, Lyon is off to Home Depot to get a new $10 pump, a length of rubber hose, and two small hose clamps while I fiddle with Larry's web-thing for a bit.

While we were up there we cleaned the gutters, checked over the shingles, checked the caulking around the vents, and performed the usual seasonal home maintenance. It's hotter than hell today, 100+, but we're having fun. 🙂

Once we get the cooler running we'll be living like kings! (chuckle)

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