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Month: March 2015

Game testing…

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I’ve made mention a few times here on ye olde journal that I used to be fairly big in the games arena. We dont really do much with the games industry these days here at work, mostly because there isn’t as much testing anymore… No need to hit QA really hard before gold master when you can just push a patch for the game they downloaded anyway.

Anyway, have some history!

Some X-Box debug and dev kits, and some Game Cube dev boxes.

A big pile of Nintendo DS handhelds and some Nintendo Wii debug and dev kits. There’s a “Nitro” DS emulator there on the bottom shelf.

A herd of PS2 test kits and some PSP dev kits.

PS3 test kits. Fun fact: Poorly optimized PS3 games can cause the dev kit to pull about 12 amps – we popped a lot of breakers way back when…

Xbox 360 test and dev kits.


It has been a little bit since I've updated ye olde journal, so I should recap recent events.


This last weekend I upgraded the video card in my gaming rig to the bleeding edge Nvidia GTX Titan X… Pretty much the fastest video card on Earth – this week. 😉

It lives up to the hype.

The view inside “Alicorn One”, a beast so rare it is practically royalty 😉
  • Corsair Vengeance C70 mil-spec case w/ RM1000 modular PSU
  • MSI X99S Gaming 7 motherboard
  • Intel i7 5820K @ 3.30 Ghz with the Corsair H100i liquid cooling setup
  • 32 gigs of DDR4-2666
  • Nvidia GTX Titan X (12 gigs DDR5)
  • 512G Samsung XP941 M.2 NGFF boot drive / 2TB WD Caviar Black storage drive
  • And a lot of modded Corsair AF and SP 120mm fans using 400nm violet LEDs (it's real pretty at night)

All of this graphical horsepower runs out to two Dell U2412M displays, and is controlled by a Roccat Ryos keyboard and a Razer Imperator mouse.

Which brings us to…


As of right now there are two days left in the kickstarter for Crowfall ( ) – and to say there is support for an MMO like this is an understatement… 14,000+ backers and the game is currently the 17th largest game kickstarter in history.

Given that the folks making Crowfall have pretty much made every other North American MMO in the history of MMOs, it has some really intriguing races, and appeals to my desires for global conquest via political end economic means – I've backed the game at a very high level.

A good friend of mine who runs the military end of my SL endeavors, and who is currently serving in the army as an artillery officer, will be heading up the military arm of our Crowfall endeavors as well. He started Ordo Imperialis – a military gaming guild with some ten years of history behind it – so I am expecting amazing things. 🙂