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Month: May 2021

World of Warcrack

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Like I mentioned a few days ago; I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again… Not the retail version mind you, the classic version from the early 2000’s.

And tonight I hit level 60 – again.

My first “mage” though… The last time I was in The Burning Crusade I played a priest and a shaman.

I did the 1-60 run the old-fashioned way – killing critters and doing quests… None of this dual-account power-leveling nonsense or getting a max-level guild member to wipe out low-level dungeons for easy experience.

Blizzard did a pre-release for The Burning Crusade : Classic which allowed players a couple of weeks to level up the new races before the expansion goes live tomorrow. I made it to the level cap in a bit under 5 days…

I probably could have shaved a day or two off if I’d not decided to get my Stormwind faction to exalted before my first mount… I despise the Draenei elephant mount and wanted an actual horse.

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, the “Classic” version of the game might actually be more popular than the retail version; it’s simply a better MMORPG.

Here’s what Stormwind looked light tonight, before the Dark Portal opens tomorrow and we all go kick another planet’s ass:

It’s a little hard to make out at this size, but that’s probably three hundred people “in town”, and that’s with the new layer technology splitting everyone up… There were so many people online tonight that the auction house was taking 10-15 seconds to register that you bought something. 🙂

And that’s just the “Pagle” server – there are more than a dozen servers…

The pre-Activision WoW was really something special. Pity it was mis-managed so badly.


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I like ramen noodles… Some days I’m simply too pooped to do much more than boil water, and ramen always makes for a filling meal, with little effort, for right around a buck.

I’m also a fan of spicy foods. Not just anything spicy though – I have standards and the spicy needs to be flavorful versus just hot.

There are a lot of sauces out there that are hot just for the sake of being hot, and I’m not fond of those. But stuff like Taco Bell’s “Diablo” sauce and even McDonald’s “Mighty Hot Sauce” were big hits for me.

Well, today’s grocery run uncovered some new (for me) noodles and one of the flavors had me laughing:

This one is “Sizzlin’ Rich Pork” – sounds good!

The old standby – “Chicken” with some chili sauce to kick it up a notch.

And then there’s this…

That last one is apparently just tastes like burning…

I’ll try anything once, and I’m curious what “Blazing Hot” tastes like. 😀

I’m officially a Free Breather…

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With the surprise lifting of the federal mask mandate last week, and the state finally catching up by mid-week this week, this morning I decided to go grocery shopping without a mask.

As a student of the Human Condition, I was curious to see how this new paradigm was affecting people and what, if anything, I would experience after a year of the “new normal”.

While I’m certainly not a member of the Church of the Holy Face Covering, I did mostly play by the rules for the last year; if I was in a store or public space, I was masked up. At home, at work, and while alone outside I didn’t wear one though – so I’m not quite as conditioned as some others and this will obviously color my responses.

I pulled up to the grocers and checked the sign; yes, masks are optional… So in I went.

Even for my less-than-optimally conditioned self it was weird to be out and about without a mask on. I was actually a bit self-conscious over it as I was one of only four or five other people in the grocers without some sort of face covering, and that made the situation a bit surreal.

And being maskless appears to make you a bit of a social pariah currently; no one would make eye contact and the effort to stay away from me in the isles was obvious.

I made a point to be overtly friendly; smiling and offering good mornings whenever possible, but with the exception of the few other maskless people, I was ignored or avoided.

Another observation is that it’s almost impossible for me to judge emotion with the lower half of people’s faces covered. Over the last year I somewhat assumed everyone was in the same emotional state I was in at the time, because there was no real evidence to the contrary.

But today I got to be social with random people I could ‘read’, and it alerted me to the fact I couldn’t ‘read’ the masked folks – and that was interesting enough for me to note it when it happened.

It makes me wonder if this is a common effect, and if masking causes people to overlay their current emotional state on everyone around them… It would explain a few things if people are worried / scared about whatever the fear du jour is today, and apply that state to everyone in the absence of emotional cues… Which feeds back into the anxiety and creates a loop.

And then you get the Church of the Holy Face Covering…