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Day: June 14, 2021

Life in Secondlife

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Been having a lot of fun in SL the last few days…

Discovered a ‘game’ in-world called GTFO! – Get The Freight Out – which is a bit like an Eve Online hauler simulation. There are hundreds of docks, airports, warehouses, and what have you scattered about the mainland continents, and you deliver items between those points with whatever vehicle you have handy.

There’s a lot more to it that that; vehicle size and capability versus what the hub has available, legit versus illicit cargo, time and distance factors, etc… But the gist is simply going from this place you’ve never seen to that place you’ve never seen along paths you’ve never taken – for useless in-game currency and pointless experience points.

I’ve been using my Triumph TR3A and the little bay-cruiser I own to move little things around here and there, and getting to see a lot of SL I’ve never seen before.

It’s funny; I’ve been playing around in SL since 2004, but I tend to stick to the sims I own and pretty much never leave them, so there’s a lot of SL I’ve simply never seen or experienced before… Which leads to a lot of “Oh wow – look at that!” and folks I know in SL saying “Yeah, that’s been there since 2007…”

Anyway, I’ve had enough fun with GTFO! that I’ve volunteered my cove for a small shipping hub for the game, which will allow people to boat in and out picking up and dropping off virtual goods – and getting to enjoy my little mainland empire.

The biggest issue with the mainland is neighbors; a lot of the mainland is, well, ugly. Giant piles of full-bright prims slapped together in haphazard arrangements, all covered with blurry circa-y2k textures and every kind of goofball particle emitter you can imagine. And the parcel holding this visual cacophony usually sits next to someone else’s hand-crafted photo-realistic color-matched high-resolution virtual-environment.

For example, this is part of my setup in Hikuelo, with its carefully crafted mesh geometry, specifically made textures and bump mapping, little interactive touches like the functional footbridge, and things like seagulls that sound like seagulls…

And if we pan just a bit to the left there’s something made entirely of full-bright prims with antique alpha textures and dozens of maxed out light sources. There’s the prerequisite copious particle use and loud media sources as well…

Basically everything that was new and amazing – back in 2005…

This issue comes about because a lot of the mainland is owned by avatars that are 14+ years old, who were gifted 1024m2 or more from Linden Lab simply for existing – and they no longer exist. So there’s a lot of 3D time capsules like this where nothing has been touched for a decade, but because the land is comped and LL never deletes accounts (gotta keep those numbers up!) the land never goes up for sale and remains cringe-worthy forever.