Well, it's looking as if my weekend will be quite busy when I get back… Between dinner at this really good Thai place with Aryntha and Rai, a screening of VanHelsing with the whole crew, and the million other things that will be happening I might not get to sleep till some time Monday. 🙂

The stereo in the Corolla was put off till today. I might go for something a little better than el-cheapo. I'm still juggling finances to see what my limit is.

I figure if I've got to spend several days in the car, I'm going to enjoy it.

On SecondLife the Goon infestation seems to be ebbing… The Lindens (administrators) went for the carpet bomb option and just IP banned the lot. Though rumor has it that the SA Goons are planning to DoS attack SecondLife now. Joy…

Well, we'll see how it goes.

I have to get breakfast and get to work. Have a great day out there folks!

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