Well it looks like I'll be taking the short route home. After talking with everyone who has an opinion on the subject it seems to be the best course of action.

I'll also be heading out of here Friday morning and attempting to clear the VA border before the weather turns bad on Saturday.

It's 1709 miles, or slightly more than two round trips from London to Edinburg for those of you in GMT-land… In Kansas I will literally go that distance without seeing a major city.

If the Honda craps out it'll be in the mountains of West Virginia or in the barren wasteland of Kansas. Both places are close enough to the ends of the route that help should be available. But I don't foresee any problems with the Honda… Sure, it's got over 170,000 miles on it, but that's nothing for an older Honda.

And with that I'm going to head upstairs and box up all of my art and other paperwork.

Take it easy out there…