Ahh, the weekend. Seeing as I’m broke from car repairs and the feeding of the crew here, I’ll be spending the next two days sitting in front of my computer… Maybe I’ll do some writing.

Let’s see, to recap the week:

Scales was missing till Tuesday due to being involved in a car accident Sunday night. He’s fine; the car he was in is totaled though.

Things are moving forward rather quickly at work for these new contracts. Good news for everyone there as the place is usually closed down from November to January.

Out of the blue Scales tells me last night that he’s going to go to school now… That’s good for him I suppose as, unlike myself, he didn’t get much real-world skill during his time in the Navy. What this means as far as supporting him further has yet to be figured out, but I foresee more of the same. It’s not easy to get the loans to do the school thing and I just can’t see Scales having the attention span or drive to do well in classes. I hope he can pull it off though, it’ll go a long ways towards getting him out of the “burger flipper” phase of his life.

And with that I think I’ll rustle up a PBJ for breakfast and get to work on some writing.

Take it easy out there folks.