It’s been a busy week or two here…

Zeze has joined the ranks at iBeta and it sounds like he will be taking over as the Director of I.T. once the hand off from Jon is accomplished.

Jae is doing well. Now that he has a car again he’s taken up an old hobby; hanging out at Village Inn for hours and hours… I remember my days of hanging out at Denny’s for hours and hours – though we were building a role playing game universe and system at the time and Denny’s was the biggest meeting room with coffee we could find. 🙂

My new car is still a high point for me right now. Cost and performance wise it’s up there with the 1988 twin turbo 300zx I had for a while back in the early 90’s, but at the same time it’s a bit more of an ‘adult’ vehicle as it’s a 4 door and sort of a station wagon… The PT doesn’t require that additional friends, beyond the one in the passenger seat, curl up in a ball in the little area between the rear tires like the 300zx did (sorry JJ).

I had the oil changed on the PT Saturday and, as the PT requires synthetic oil, it cost me about $70. Then there’s the fact I *have* to put mid-grade or better gas in it coupled with the 19 gallon tank and the 20MPG on the highway makes the regular stop at the gas station a bit more painful than the Toyota… The Toyota will go 300 miles on 9 gallons of gas while the PT will go 300 miles on 19 gallons of gas…

The biggest difference is with the PT I can merge on the highway without having to stop at the top of an on ramp and I can go the speed limit in the mountains. The Toyota gets passed by semi trucks in the mountains… And the sound system, leg room, and leather interior of the PT is really, really nice.

Why can’t I get performance *and* good gas mileage? Oh well, I’ll just drive less.

And with that it’s time for me to trundle off to work. Take care out there folks.