Personal History : 1995 – 1996


1995 is filled to the brim with computer stuff. Not only am I on the cutting edge of hardware technology at home, I’m also heavily involved at work in everything from high capacity file servers and complex network topologies to system architecture and data translation for companies like Sun Microsystems, Compaq, IBM, and others.

At home I’ve been working with Galacticomm’s new “Worldgroup” client-server system they released this year. I think it’ll be the replacement for Galacticomm’s older product, “Major BBS”, which Silicon Psychosis has been running on for a year now.

My bedroom in 1995 was basically a computer lab…

SilPsy has grown into a behemoth files board and in 1995 runs 8 lines, supports several gigs of harddrive space, and runs two separate SCSI NEC 7 CD changers for NightOwl and other shareware sets.

While I’m very active in the local BBS scene, in 1995 I also start spending a lot of time on MUCKs where I get into creating text-based worlds and adventures. It’s on “FurryMUCK” that I meet Scott in January of ’95.

We get to talking about conventions and whatnot; Scott runs “UniGraphix” which travels from show to show selling prints and art services. I used to run a similar company doing similar things, so we had a lot to discuss.

In March of 1995 I have ISDN installed at the trailer, and now have 128kbps service in my bedroom. SilPsy becomes one of the fastest BBSs in Denver.

The ISDN router sitting under my personal 56K Microtech I use to dial in when I’m away from home.
The other corner of the room, where my art machine and digitizer sat.

I’ve been trying to make the transition from mouse-and-monitor to a digitizing tablet… That enormous digitizing tablet in the photo to be exact. Before Wacom, tablets were a bit larger…

I’ve also been doing a lot of drawing…

My old sig was a stylized version of my last name. The new one is just my initials

March is also when Action Computers hires me away from Intelligent Electronics to start their computer repair business. Matthew (Chimles) from the BBS is also hired and together we spend the next nine months basically building Action Computers for the two guys who own the place.

It was during this time that I met Larry Kilstrup. He had stacks of Compaq servers he had plans for, and discovered I could make those plans come to fruition. So, he spent a lot of time in the store picking my brain…

By the time Matthew and I were done there were two stores and the owners had new houses and fancy cars while Matthew and I were still waiting for the promised gravy train.

It never arrives and after getting contacted by I.E. to come take over their Denver network operations, I bail on Action and go back to I.E. in December.


In early ’96 I pick up a ’72 Porsche 914 to spin wrenches on, and it sits in the carport next to the Bug while Ken’s Wagoneer sits on the street in front of the trailer.

1996 passes with me building some really cutting edge services for I.E.; “Intellitrack”, the warehouse management system they used, the data interchange and conversion setup that we used to talk to IBM and Sun’s proprietary systems, the data imaging system that was used to flash customer configurations on the assembly lines, and the data storage and server systems that made it all happen.

In October the Blizzard of ’96 hits, and this is of course when I figure it’s a good idea to go to ConFURence East in Cleveland Ohio to actually meet Scott and his wife Johnna, and Jeff and his wife Ronie who were also part of UniGraphix.

I land in Ohio on November 15th mid-blizzard and have a pretty great weekend where I meet a ton of very nice people.

My con-badge from CF East.
A bunch of us went to “Lone Star Steakhouse” for dinner, and the loud country music killed Zrath. (Left to right: Me, Cannus, Flinthoof, Sharis, Zrath, Lightning, Nemehoto)

After the convention I return to Colorado to another pleasant holiday season at home.