3, 2, 1 – Lunch!

It’s been a few years — five in fact — since the infamous Bigfoot of fast-food last roamed the Rockies.

Of course I’m referring to the McRib; McDonald’s here today-gone tomorrow BBQ pork sandwich. Which is available for some random period of time right now.

The McRib is pretty polarizing; people either love it or despise it. I’m in the former group as I’m a big fan of BBQ anything — even if calling the McRib BBQ is being extremely generous.

Either way, I like them and decided that today I’d go get one.

McRib fresh from the box

I personally think that the mystique comes from the sandwich’s random availability. It’s ‘okay’ as far as pork product goes, but because it’s such a once in a long while thing it makes it perceptually better.

The patty is basically Spam, the sauce is what you get in those little cups with your McNuggets, the onions and pickles are typical burger fare, and the bun is pretty basic — but combined it’s just unique enough to be a special treat.

Special enough that I went out in the snow to slog over to the local McD’s to get one.

I used to eat these a lot back in the 80’s, back when McRibs came with a special hot sauce that was a lot like Wendy’s chili sauce. So when I do manage to score one of these things, it’s a bit of a way-back moment for me… Sitting in my ’69 Toyota Corona at the McDonald’s just down the road from Golden High School during lunch.

Good times. 🙂