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9 to 5…

The new store is about 90% done now. I finally got tired of waiting for the phone company to show up and finish the job they started almost two weeks ago and have just finished the tone out and punch down of the inside lines… No small feat either. The space the store is in now used to be the regional printing office for the Denver News Agency and as such there are 2 25 pair trunk lines run into the building and a 40 wire internal wiring job including several frame relay lines to Denver… Figuring out which line goes where took several hours all by itself.

At any rate it’s all up and running now hence the fact I can post from work again.

The alarm system is also finished with new magnetic door sensors on everything that opens to the outside, 5 new motion detectors, and a new keypad and alarm box connected to the alarm company.

Jack and I have gotten almost all of the winter equipment organized and out on display now. Today we will be building a display rack for the skis and another rack for the snow boards. Both of these require custom racks as there is just no real good way to display them in/on equipment you’d find at a store furnishings place.

So, it’s a power tool kind of day: We’ll be hacking up 2x4s and plywood, running gas powered nailers, and industrial screw guns till 3-4 pm most likely… Hope our new neighbors don’t mind…

In other news I put in some overtime last night and got the OMFUXS web site updated as well as updating my web site with some photos of Château D’Isaster. The OMFUXS site now has 20% more spiffiness as compared to the original 13 page design!

Ooops, gotta run. Jack is ready to go now,