A burrito the size of a small child’s head…

On the way to work this morning I had to stop by the bank and hit up the ATM for $20. See, we have 25 cent sodas in the machines in the break room, so I tend to get something to drink from there to go with whatever I brought for lunch…

Well, I needed to break the $20 as the largest bill the machines will take is a $5 and a $20 is the smallest bill you can get from the ATM. This is when I noticed there’s a Del Taco next to the bank that serves breakfast; so I figured I’d get something from there this morning.

After careful perusal of the menu I decide on something called the “Epic Scrambler” with chorizo, and a large unsweetened iced tea — which by the picture looks like a common breakfast burrito — and am eventually handed a bag that weighs like 5 pounds.

I’m immediately curious what’s up with that, but there are a line of other hungry commuters behind me — so tossing the sack in the passenger seat I wend my way to work. This, as usual, requires dodging numerous people who are sleep-driving at a quarter after 6 in the morning.

Seriously, get a cup of joe before you get on the highway to get a cup of joe. 😀

Anyway, I get to work, get the building unlocked, disable the alarms, and meander down to my office to enjoy breakfast before digging into the weekly systems updates.

The only thing in the five pound bag is a singular aluminum-wrapped football that is my breakfast. It’s HUGE!

It’s quite good, but I could only at about half of the thing. Oh well, I guess I have lunch too!