A cinema show…

During my walk last night I wandered past the local theater and noticed they were open once again — so that became my adventure for the evening.

Over the last year my local theater has alternated between completely closed and various states of open many times. How long they will be open this time, no one can say, but either way I braved certain infectious doom and saw “Monster Hunter” last night.

Greg Marcus telling me how happy he is that I’m seeing a movie in his theater.

It was a fun romp, and better than I expected for a video game turned movie.

Granted, it’s still a Chinese-funded compu-fu live-action cartoon with a plot that fits on a napkin — if you write really big. But it was still a good excuse to get out of the house and eat $20 worth of popcorn and soda — if you’re not super worried about contracting the plague du jour, of course.

As for the aforementioned certain infectious doom, I’ve essentially come to the conclusion that the level of virus panic scales with how politically expedient said panic is at the moment — but that’s just me.

I mean the incongruency of the warnings, and the rules related to those warnings, is enough to give you a headache… For example right now, depending on who is standing behind the microphone, you need need to be wearing a mask:

  • constantly
  • only if you leave your house
  • as soon as you get out of your car
  • only if you’re amidst a group of people
  • only if you enter a public building
  • only between the door and the table at a restaurant
  • only if you’re not actively eating or drinking

The best I can figure, COVID-19 is the most intelligent virus on Earth because its so damn picky about how and where it does its thing… Like, some places have a curfew where everyone has to be home by some arbitrary time in the evening, because COVID-19 only comes out at night — or something.

And now we have plague 2.0 here in Colorado, which apparently came from the UK even though the UK has been completely locked down for months. Oh, and the guy who allegedly caught it has no record of travel…

Score one for locking down entire countries I guess.

As for me, as one would expect I fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to masks; I have one that I purchased almost a year ago — a washable, reusable one commonly used by dirt bikers and ATV riders under their helmet.

I carry it in the car or in breast pocket of my jacket, and put in on before walking into a store, restaurant, or other public space — and take it off the instant I hit the outside air again. I don’t wear it at the office because there are literally 6 people in the entire three story 100,000 square foot building right now. And the world is a big place for an 80nm virus, so I’m not too worried about encountering it in the wild — so I don’t mask up when I’m outside either.

So far, so good — I’ve not come down with any signs of zombification. 🙂