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A day in the life…

Yesterday saw Zeze and I taking a mini road trip to the south of Fredericksburg along the byways of central Virginia. We basically got lost while taking a back way from Dan's shop to the school in order to drop off some paperwork and decided to ride out our state of lost and see where it took us.

We eventually ended up on a road where I could just see the top of an AT&T microwave relay tower and based on the relative location of FBerg behind us I determined that it was the Post Oak facility. From there it was easy to navigate us back to where the old farm was, which is now called “Quarter Moon Farm” and appears to now be a subdivision full of clone-homes. What was once our driveway is now “Quarter Moon Way” and the whole area has upscaled quite a bit. Not bad I guess for four years…

At least the Post Oak AT&T site hasn't changed and it still has it's feed horns… Too bad I didn't have my camera with me. 😛

I'm still working on the acquisition of a car, and once I've achieved that I'll start driving around to all of the old AT&T sites here In Virginia. Hey, it's a hobby. 😉

Well, I have to run and make with the web pages… Have a good day out there.