A path forward…

Yesterday I mentioned to my CFO, who moonlights as a realestate mogul, that due to events beyond my control I was going to be moving back closer to work – somehow.

He mentioned he just bought a condo not 5 minutes from the office to flip and he'd be willing to rent it to me.

Today I signed the lease for the place and will start moving next week.

On the roommate front Zeze will still be around, which means Kalira will still be around, but Max will be shuffling off to do his own thing now that I'm not agreeing to supprt him. And speaking of supporting – hopefully Kalira will land a job once we're back in town, but I'm not holding my breath.

Either way the rent is a lot cheaper, I won't have to pay hundreds a month on utilities, and I won't need to spend $200 a month on gas. Zeze will undoubtedly still be supporting Kalira, Kalira's car, Kalira's horse, and everything else Kalira – but I'm not. I told them they get to cover one-half of everything and if they can't, I'll move.

So maybe things will improve.