A possible day off…

As I attempt every Friday, I will try to not go into work today. Instead, I think I will head northeast of FBerg and see if I can find a few more towers to take a look at.

I think today I will attempt to find some locations in Maryland; “Faulkner” (which should be huge according to my route maps), “Waldorf”, “Pomonkey” (I love Va place-names), “Westwood”, and maybe “Prince Frederick”.

These are all on the Maryland peninsula and all are within 25 miles of Faulkner, so it shouldn't be too extreme of a trip. I figure if I stick to the back-woods areas traffic shouldn't be as big of an issue as it was last week. That and there is some very nice scenery here there in Maryland if you can get to it when it's not raining, a million degrees, or covered in a thick coating of humanity.

The PoliceSynchronicity II