Aaaaand we're back…

Well, I'm back in Vail. Back in my old room with all of stuff I boxed up two months ago.

The Toyota made the trip rather well considering its only got about 70 horsepower and is really just a four door lawnmower. Over Loveland and Vail passes the best it could do was about 50MPH, but that's on par with every other econo-box out there. Sure, other folks in their big v8 powered SUVs blasted over the passes at 80+, but I made the trip from Aurora to here on less than a quarter tank of gas, or about 2.5 gallons… And at $1.99 a gallon right now for cheap gas, that makes the 50MPH a lot easier to swallow. 🙂

I spent the majority of last night setting up a new Linksys wireless router for the house (Larry had the cable folks move the feed from my room here to his office upstairs), setting up Larry and Vivian's laptops to work with it, setting up the router and Viv's laptop to work with her Bridge game (not an easy feat mind you), fixing everything that Larry had done to his laptop by way of spyware removal and system updates, adding ram to Larry's laptop, and getting myself set up down here on the first floor.

Now, getting my Powerbook set up to work with the new wireless consisted of opening the laptop to wake it up and hitting the “ok” button for the new network. As opposed to having to load drivers, configure network settings, set up locations, work port magic… Man I hate PCs.

But, not bad for four hours and in the middle of all that we had dinner.

Anyways, I'm once again up here in the cool thin air with nothing but the sounds of the birds though my window. I could easily pretend that the last two months never happened, but I can't.

So, here I sit, laptop hooked up to my nifty USB sound processor and routed though my big Sony digital amp and speakers… One just has to love OSX as it just knew what the processor was and used it. No “detected new hardware”, no “cannot find drivers”, no rummaging for some CD, no futzing to get the internal sound card to be quiet… It just worked.

I like it when things just work.

I mean, after spending a few hours under the pall of Windows last night I once again re-affirmed that I'm never going back. Just setting up Larry's laptop to work with his new phone was nearly an exercise in futility, but if I got the phone anywhere near my Powerbook everything worked just fine… I could synchronize contacts from the other room and even perform feats that the mostly-working PC software couldn't do once it was loaded; and I didn't have to load anything.

And Windows has 80% of the OS market. Sheesh.

Oh well, I'm off to hunt down some breakfast. Have a great day out there folks.

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