Aaaand they're off!

Thus begins another week.

Not a lot to report from the weekend… As Aryntha once said, “Nothing wrong with a big bowl of relax” and that’s exactly what I did, once I got the kitchen clean and a few other weekend chores out of the way.

I made 30th level with my priest in World of Warcraft. I’d have several level 60 characters by now, but there was a lot of server swapping as folks from work started playing and we all migrated to the same server. There were also a few false starts with character class as I fine tuned what I was playing to fill in the gaps in the group.

The guild we started now has 16 people in it and ten of those are folks from work, so you can imagine the talks around the water cooler we have there:

“Damn Alliance… I was out questing with Ryan and two level 60s came outta nowhere and flattened us.” Or “Anyone wanna do Wailing Caverns tonight after work?”

With Joe and I being level 30 now and everyone else being in the 22-27 category, here soon we’ll be able to do some bigger things on the Thursday Raid Night… That’s when a lot of us truck our computers into work, order a few pizzas, drain the soda machine, and play about 4-5 hours with everyone in the same room. A good time to be sure. 🙂

But, for now I have to pack my lunch and scoot off to work. Have a great day out there!