Adventures in Network Engineering

Saturday I spent most of the afternoon over at my CEO’s place attempting to fix his twenty year old wiring mess so that he can get gigabit service to various places around his house.

Said house is a sprawling monstrosity containing a rat-maze of hallways, doors, and rooms that was built in the early 90’s. He used to run a BBS out of the place right after he built it, so most of the network ‘tech’ is punch-down panels that have been poorly repurposed to support cat5. On top of this the cat5 wiring itself was done by someone who didn’t really have a clue, so every end on every run is wired wrong.

Oh, and the wiring was done in two phases a decade apart, so some is this weird ethernet + phone line stuff, and other wiring is super cheap unrated cat5 – and none of it makes any sense.

All in all it took my roommate and I about 4 hours to get 5 runs working, which covered the immediate need. He needs to go swipe a switch from work because the Xfinity router in the basement only has four ports, and then we’ll be back some day to work on more runs.

As we were leaving he spotted my car and really liked the thing, so started asking questions about it; cost, what safety stuff it came with, mpg, warranty, etc. because he’s in the market for a car for his eldest daughter.

He then called the eldest out to see it, she loved it, and after a half an hour of chatting and what-not it sounds like she’ll be getting a new Kicks soon-ish. 🙂