Ok, you know how I’m an avid fan of Yes; you know, that band with all those deep meanings and whatnot that very few people actually get. Well, now you can take “Yesology” in college and learn about all things Yesian.

Of course this isn’t a credit bearing course (yet), and it’s at a community college, but I still think it’s cool that the band gets this kind of recognition… You don’t see “Rolling Stoneology” offered anywhere. 😉

Kind of reminds me of the old “Bill and Ted” movies; wherein a band becomes a method for living that unites the world in peace. Well, I can’t think of anyone better than Jon Anderson to play the part… Of course they’ll have to hire Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull too just because he’s so worldly and grounded compared to Jon’s ethereal and dimensional.

Speaking of Yes, there will be a 3 hour DVD set coming out here in the US on Feb. 3 that promises to be quite good. It’s not your usual “concert footage” affair, but is instead more of a documentary of the band over the last 35 years.