All my bags are packed, it’s time to go…

At the airport to hop a flight to L.A…

Tomorrow and Wednesday I’ll be at Disney, and for the first time in, well, forever I will actually get to see the park. Normally I am there with a bunch of folks and it is a whole lot of hurry from one ride to the next to try and pack as much of everyone’s want-list into as few hours as possible.

Not this time.

I plan to get there when they open, and leave when they close… Walk around looking at stuff, maybe hit up some of the more ‘adult’ activities like the behind the scenes tours and such, hang out on a bench somewhere and people watch while enjoying a $30 soda, and catch the evening events that I’ve never seen… Stuff like that. 😀

Oh, and take a lot of pictures.

This trip my camera will be my iphone. Normally I pack a very expensive quasi-point and shoot G12 which takes amazing photos – but it is large, needs a neck strap which is unfun for more than about 15 minutes, and I wind up worrying about it more than what I’m taking pictures of. I figure I have the phone with me anyway, and Apple trumps up the camera quite a bit, so – we shall see if it can really do double duty.

Thursday is a day of rest and I don’t plan to do much of anything but lounge around the hotel.

Friday the convention starts, and from that point until Monday morning I’ll probably be involved in something or other. Most of my ‘want to do’ list with regard to the convention happens on Friday; autographs from Bonnie Zacherle, Lauren Faust, and John de Lanci, two creator / writer panels, and the VIP reception in the evening… The latter requiring a sport coat and tie.

Saturday and Sunday will be typical convention fare for me; trips to the dealer’s room and random event attendance, but mostly hanging out at the hotel bar or restaurant with the dozen folks from SecondLife I know who are also attending.

Monday morning I’ll be on a flight back to Denver, which gets in at around noon, and once home I plan to rest up for what will undoubtedly be a hellish Tuesday being as I will have been gone for a week.