All the world's a stage and you're the only one sitting in the audiance…

It’s one of those beautiful Rocky Mountain days up here today with weather you can only find here. The sun is shining and it’s pleasant outside even as it’s snowing about a thousand feet up the mountain from here. Seriously, you can stand in my driveway in a t-shirt and look up at a blizzard…

I reloaded XP Pro on my desktop last night so things will be a little weird for a while as I get everything re-loaded, re-setup, and running again.

No matter what Microsoft might say, you still have to do a clean install of your OS about once a year. Especially if you install and uninstall a lot of software or use Visual Studio like I do… It’s just impossible to clean out everything over time.

So far the re-load is going well and the system is back to it’s zippy self again. I was getting a bit concerned as Second Life was really bogging things down and I didn’t figure this system would be all that easy to bog down.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, there are more renters coming tonight and staying though Sunday I believe. That means I have to put on my “I like humanity” face and be nice to a troop of complete strangers that I will most likely not have *anything* in common with. No worries though, I can play just about any part I’m handed. 🙂

And with that I think I’ll get back to the re-loading of the computer… I have all of the network software I use re-loaded; SimpleMU, SL, Shareaza, Bulletproof, etc. So now I need to work on the art stuff like Photoshop and Painter, and all of my music stuff like Soundforge and MPTrack.