Allergies Suck

I’ve always had seasonal allergies, AKA “Hay Fever”.

When I was a kid my father would decide it was time to mow the yard – so I’d load up on Sudafed, go push the mower around for a while, and die.

Even with the Sudafed it was a bit like inhaling bees for an hour…

I think most of it was the big lavender bushes my mom had along the fence line. And Longmont was rife with Cottonwood, which also causes my sinuses to explode.

As I got older it got better though.

I attribute this to living on the east coast where the humidity seems to ‘clump’ the pollen and I fare better. When I came back to Colorado I lived in places like Vail, where nothing but two species of pine tree and some lichen grows – so there wasn’t a lot of seasonal sniffle up there either.

Since I’ve moved back to Denver I’ve been living in the suburbs, so the most I get exposed to is my lawn, and I tend to pay other people to deal with that for me. 😀 So I get the occasional spring-time runny nose, but nothing major.

Now I have a forest outside of my front door and spring has arrived, and this last week has been hell… Coughing, sneezing, eyes full of sand, itchy throat – the works.

Fortunately technology has moved on over the years, and there’s this stuff called “Loratadine” which is available over the counter as “Claritin”.

I’ve used this stuff a few times in the past couple of years for especially bad weeks, and the stuff works great! But it was slightly spendy – like fifty cents a pill – probably because it worked.

But this year the stuff is crazy-expensive; $60 for two weeks worth… But now it’s probably because they can get away with it.

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