An evening in the Cannibal Special…

Aryntha and Rai are up here at Château D’Isaster for a few days to get away from all that is Denver and to reaffirm their faith that the world doesn’t completely suck.

They’ve had nothing but trouble down there; cars getting broken into, gas siphoning, extremely rude neighbors (the folks downstairs smoke so much it seeps though the floor and stains the windows and the people upstairs own one CD, 50-Cent, and play it 24/7 with enough volume you can hear the change jingling in the rapper’s pocket clearly from anywhere in Aryntha and Rai’s apartment.)

The sad thing is they live in a “good” part of Denver, specifically South West Denver.

So, after an excellent meal over at Narayan’s Thai in Avon (If you’re looking for *really* good Thai food and are in the area, email me and I’ll send you a map), we opted to just hang out in the hot tub for a few hours where we talked about the future of digital audio formats. Aryntha is a bit of an expert in the field and the topics ranged from the backwards compatibility of SACD2 to the latest reports on the movements of the RIAA’s jack-booted thugs.

This is where the title of the post comes in. The hot tub here at Château D’Istaster is a large, octagonal stainless steel job set flush into the back deck and looks amazingly like a people-sized stew pot…

When I get all the pumps running and its sitting at about 110 degrees, steaming, one can easily imagine dicing up a few carrots and potatoes to round out the boiled human stew.

Right now I'm waiting for Aryntha and Rai to stumble out of the guest room so I can find out what they'd like to do today.