An overdue update

Wow, it’s been a very busy week here. Aryntha, Rai and I have been busily documenting the historic AT&T transcontinental microwave relay route through Colorado at any chance we get. So I guess that means I have a whole week’s worth of posting to do in one big entry.

I’ve got the OMFUXS web site up and running now on server space donated to us for this and other similar endeavors. For the morbidly curious, or those with a higher than normal geek quotient, go see

Yesterday we all took the day off to go tour one of these sites with a fellow who owns several of them. My day yesterday started at 6am and went to 2am, and today I was off and running at 7am so I’m feeling kinda spongy right now… What better time to write in ones journal, no?

Sunset on the road last evening…

I’m happy to report that Wolf and Lyon are getting along better now. They were really falling apart at the seams there for a week or two a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to write about it all then as it was a really touchy situation, but now things seem to be getting better and I feel I can at least make a passing mention of it.

Larry is back here at the château for a few days before returning to California for a few more weeks. He’s in a pretty chipper mood considering we’ve pretty much decided to not renew the lease on the space the shop is currently in. They want to up the rent per square foot from $21 to $26 a month and we collectively think that sucks. So we’re looking at other venues right now.

One plan is to open another storefront up here, though smaller than the current 5500 sqft monster we have now, and open one or two small store fronts in a Den-burb. Larry will operate the store here while I move back down to Denver to run the operation there. This gives us an advantage of being able to shuffle the inventory around to make the best use of the demographic. Denver is much more “tech” than Vail and that should allow the computer store side of things to really take off. Conversely there isn’t much skiing or snowboarding in Denver and anyone wanting to offload gear they no longer want will do so cheaply… Send that gear up to Vail where it’s worth considerably more and you have what we like to call a business model. The inverse of that is the seasonal kids up here tend to buy a laptop or a small desktop computer for the season and dump it cheap right before flying back home… Send that gear down to Denver where it’s got an intrinsic value and, again, that’s a good thing.

The down side to this is I’m not crazy about moving back down to Denver. Perhaps I’ll secure a place in Conifer or Morrison which is a mere 30 minutes southwest, but that makes all the difference. That will also enable me to help Aryntha and Rai out of the hell-hole they live in right now…

Speaking of that; I guess it’s about a week and a half ago now, but Rai got to see a simultaneous car theft and break-in at their complex. Two 15 year olds and a 16 year old who live around there decided to boost a car from the complex and then, on the way out, they stopped to swipe a stereo out of a second car. Well, the person owning car number two caught them in the act and started raising hell so they tried to do a “gone in 60 seconds”, hit a speed bump wrong, and ended up bending the car over a curb.

The beauty here is they were all underage and after spending a few hours reading books to old people, will be right back at it again.

In other news my “stalker” seems to have finally decided that I’m not going to be interested in her… Wolf’s suggestion to tell her I’m seeing someone in Denver seems to have cooled her fire and she hasn’t been seen in over a week. *pets the wise wolf*

For those who haven’t been on the real-time end of this, what was going on was that a single mom who works over at Walmart had decided that I would be a good “catch” and was spending an inordinate amount of time in the shop just talking at me… Yes, at me.

See, I’m a busy person, and I have a lot of things I’d like to accomplish in this life, so I’m just not the world’s biggest Casanova. Finding the right person for a worthwhile and complimentary relationship takes a lot of time, effort and energy that I’m just not willing to expend right now. That and I can’t take the risk right now of opening my self up for the kind of beating I got last time…