And I’m back…

We arrived here in Aurora at about 2:30am.

The only real mishap on the entire trip was just past Burlington on the way back where I was rudely awakened by the rumble strips on the side of I-70… The bad part was that I was driving.

Let’s see – you’re supposed to take some life-lesson away from something like this, so after thinking about it I determined that I’m officially too old for stunts like this…

  • I simply cannot stay awake past 10pm anymore: I’ve been getting up with the sun for so many years now that my internal clock has been set for the whole “Early to bed, early to rise” thing – permanently.
  • I need at least seven hours of sleep per night. Grabbing 4 hours at a hotel then pressing on is right out now.
  • Highway food will kill someone on the north side of the mid-twenties.
  • The will is strong but the body would rather not spend 20+ consecutive hours in moving car.
  • Cars these days are designed around fuel economy and wringing every possible penny of profit out of the cost – rather than creature comforts such as seats you can nap in.
  • Cars these days also have a plethora of “widgits” one can play with in lieu of actually driving the car… While this is great for the passenger, most of the people you find on the roads don’t have passengers and must fiddle with these gizmos themselves – nearly killing themselves and everyone within eyesight.
  • Radio stations suck… The corollary to this is “today’s music sucks”.

But, overall, it was a fun trip – not one I’m likely to repeat any time soon though.