And in the 8th month…

Jae and I started playing ‘Neverwinter Nights’ over the weekend as a change of pace from the MMORPG scene… One can only handle so much ‘World of Warcraft’ and Jae and I have about 3 months of it, so it’s time for a change of pace for a week or two.

‘Neverwinter’ is a game based on the AD&D 3.5 rules and as such is a pretty faithful computer-based reproduction of a tabletop RPG, which is nice. I’d still like to find a real RPG game to attend somewhere, but it’s tricky with my work schedule.

We spent most of the weekend just playing around with all of the character classes, but as of last night things have settled on me playing what I’m calling a ‘battle bard’ which is a combat oriented bard and is going mostly for the prestige class of ‘red dragon disciple’… So far it’s working well. Jae seems to have settled on a rogue and I’m not sure if he’s going into a prestige class or not.

We both made level seven over the weekend.