And in the center ring, for your enjoyment…

Well, here I am a few days into it and I'm still sane, I think. It's been tough, but I think I'm getting those essential calluses that one needs to co-exist in close proximity in this world. I've spent so much time alone, doing my own thing, that I'm overly observant of the world around me now and random people are so distracting that it's hard to get anything done.

See, I've lost all of the ability to simply ignore people and with that I keep having to stop everything I'm doing when some random person approaches and wants to “hang” with me. The last few days my personal nemesis has been “Scales”, an on again – off again roommate around here who is about as random in his comings and goings as one can get. There's no way to tell when he'll just drop in on me of a day and completely shatter any creative thing I might be doing. He's a nice enough fellow, I just wish he could entertain himself.

This leads me to surmise that this is a problem with the world in general these days… There are so many people out there now that people are retreating into themselves to just get away… This makes them appear self centered and “not all there”, and causes them to run into you in the store, nearly run you over in a cross walk, etc.

So, maybe people in general aren't asshats by choice, maybe it's a learned response to the dramatic overpopulation these days.

Something for me to ponder at any rate.

So, here's a typical day:

5:30am: Kaitlin's alarm clock starts blaring rap…

6:30am, Kaitlin turns off the alarm clock…

By 9am everyone has gone to school/work and there is enough hot water now to take my shower.

By 10am Scales is here and I get talked at till about 2pm.

At around 3:30 The World's Most Popular Teenager, AKA Kaitlin, comes home and immediately starts in on the loud rap and 1×10^32 phone calls…

Around 4:30 Wolf comes home and is in a “mood”… An award winning bad day at work. She wanted nothing more than to sit and veg in front of the computer. Too bad she's “mom” to about a dozen people and she doesn't get much peace.

At around 5pm Lynx stopped by for a while… He and Lyon are about the closest things I have to brothers and we are constantly asked if we are related, even though we really don't look much alike. I think it's just the way we get along.

So, Lynx stopped by and dropped off this really cool tapestry that he picked up for me at some gathering he went to last weekend. It's about eight feet on a side and has this really cool celtic-style unicorn on it with lots of knot-work. As soon as I find a bare wall big enough, I'll hang it and post a photo.

I, in turn, gave Lynx a few of these really keen LED penlights I picked up in Virginia for him… A perfect gift for Lynx is anything that lights up as he's got “shiny thing” down to an art. 🙂

Anywho, Lynx is currently working on his computer and network certifications and asked me if I could help him with the studying and the answering of questions in terms normal folk can understand. I of course told him I'd be happy to.

(sorry, had to pause for about a half an hour… Scales popped in and needed to tell me all about his day so far.)

Anyways Lyon comes home at around 6:30, we have dinner, Lynx departs at around 8 and Maegan and Scales show up at about 8:30 to ask for help with a network issue.

Maegan and Scales talk at me for about an hour or so then at around 10pm I go to bed.

This is pretty much a typical day around here…

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