And it begins… again!

Ok, whew! Talk about your bad months… But all is well that ends well and the ending (or beginning actually) is turning out to be really nice.

To recap: You can read below about how I moved down from the mountains in July, after being badgered by everyone I know about how I was living too far away and no one was seeing me often enough… So, with the invite to stay at Wolf and Lyon’s place till I found a new job, I moved.

That’s when the fun began.

I admit it: I’m a monk… I prefer solitude and quiet; to write my silly stories, draw my silly pictures, compose my silly music. I’m very much a creature of random inspiration and wandering imagination and while Wolf and Lyon used to be similar, time has passed and things have changed. I’ve been a prisoner of their basement for a month and while still a little shaky, I’m flying again.

So, here I am in my own palatial abode (I’ll put up a few photos this weekend for the curious) with two roomies and imaginative and things are really looking up.

I guess that segues well into the introductions…

(Leads you over to a snoring reddish-gold dragon who is sleeping on the couch in the living room with one wing draped over his head.)

Shhh… This is Carl, a dragon by nature. He’s the power source around here as he’s got limitless energy and a super-bouncy outlook on life. He’s crashed out on the couch most likely due to a late night of talks with our other roommate and I’m trying to not wake anyone up as the computers are in the living room too… More on that later.

(You carefully step over a pile of blankets, pillows, a bean bag, and other assorted soft things and realize it’s another critter…)

That’s Jae who is, well, Jae. Jae has a lot of mousy qualities (his nest of blankets this morning is a good example) but I’m not quite sure just what sort of critter he is yet. Jae is a real source of inspiration as he’s got about the most unusual view point on everything I’ve ever seen; which makes him very good at his job at *censored*…

Oh, hehe, yes… We all work at the same place too.

So moving on to the computer comment: All of our computers are set up in one corner of the living room as we’re all into “Shadowbane” and collectively play for a few hours in the evening. It’s amazing how fun that game is with other people playing it, in the same room even.

Lets see, what else? Oh, I sold my 17” Powerbook and bought a PC as we moved in here. While I miss my Mac, I have to admit that the horsepower of this new machine is quite refreshing. It’s a 3.2Ghz EE based machine with a gig of dual channel DDR-400 ram, a 200 gig SATA hard drive, a dual layer DVD-R, and a PCI-e ATI X600 video card. It’s nice and was one third the price of the equivalent Mac tower…

Of course I got the textbook definition of “irony” after I bought the new PC… My new house is exactly 1.5 blocks from one of the Apple stores here in Colorado. :sigh:

I figure I’ll have one of the new iMac machines in a month or two though, so don’t worry about me being swayed to the dark side or something. : )

Well, the dead are beginning to rise and I have to get ready to drive across town to work. So I’ll post more later including the story about my nickname at work…

Have a great day out there!