And now…for the visuals!

Ok, my renter-imposed travels have abated for the nonce. They left yesterday after the football game and the house is in shambles.

To recap what has happened since my last missive:

We left Aryntha and Rai’s place at about noon Saturday with grey skies and very light snow falling, and journeyed across Denver to the north. We got to the Longmont L-CXR facility as the blizzard of ’04 started, took a few quick cold and wet photos and pressed on. After that we went about 7 miles further north to another site that wasn’t there anymore. It was unanimously decided that the day was a bust and that we should return to the apartment.

Aryntha returned to bed, Rai and I used the TV computer in the living room to research some other old phone stuff. Later in the evening we went over to “Breakfast King” to meet up with Korn, Keyler, and “The British Guy” who I can’t remember the name of.

“Breakfast King” is a really cool place with good food (as long as you don’t get the fish), good prices, and a very unique atmosphere… It was voted the best place in Denver to get eats and feel like an unpaid extra in a Quinton Tarantino flick. It’s also open 24/7 which is very handy for us. We stayed there till about midnight talking about software, then returned as a group to Aryntha and Rai’s apartment to continue software talks… All I can say about the software is that it involves a lobster, a robot, sputnik, and a lot of very existentialist imagery.

We all crashed at about 3-4 am. I got up at 7am as usual and as Aryntha had a lot of work to finish on Sunday for a contract he’s working on, I decided to stealth out and get the things I needed to get done in Denver done.

I dropped off the big pile of paperwork to the accountant, gassed up the Wag, and then as it was 9am and Lyon and Wolf always seem to be up and running at about the same time I am, I called them to see what they were up to.

I woke them up.

Lyon spent about fifteen minutes getting it though to me that it was ok and that he needed to be up anyways as I drove over to their place. I got there and as they got a look at my bedraggled continence I was given a few cups of coffee, a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup, and a lot of worried looks from Wolf.

I had no idea I was so run down…

Once Wolf was sure I was fed and would survive we got down to the stuff I needed to do before I went back up the mountain. I got the form filled out for the car I gave them, got their new digital camera hooked up to Wolf’s computer, and got the new router configured… See, Lyon and Wolf have a new semi-permanent guest by way of “Scales” who has moved in and he too has a computer, so the old router just wouldn’t cut it anymore… The new router is a Linksys 54G job which should work ok now that it has the new v.2 firmware.

As I was taking care of this Vivian called from her daughter’s place over in Cherry Creek and wanted to know if I could come over and make her laptop work with their network.

So I said my goodbyes, fired up the Wag again, and bounced down town to Carla’s house which is valued in the 4 to 5 million dollar range… It’s a nice place, but they’ve got so much wrapped up in it that it’s not functional as you can’t touch or use anything in it.

It took me less than a minute to get Vivian’s laptop running on the network, and this includes hacking the WEP key for the house router… I really need a new field of work.

I talked with Larry briefly as he was sitting down in the living room to watch “The Game” on the 60-something inch DLP 1080i TV which is surrounded by custom speakers that are powered by a full Harmon-Kardon set up, which is all in a custom made entertainment center… Seriously, there is more money wrapped up in Carla’s living room than most people have in their entire house; and they’re never there to enjoy it.

I don’t understand rich people.

So with all of this accomplished I snagged a bottle of designer water out of the fridge (still had the $8 price tag on it), fired up the Wag once again and made for the hills.

I swung though Golden to get some pictures of the North Table Mesa AT&T site, then followed highway 6 west though Blackhawk canyon for a change of scenery. I stopped in Georgetown to get some lunch at Raymond’s Place (best burgers on I-70) then pushed on though to Vail.

I pulled up in front of the house, snuck back into my room which appears to have made it though the siege without much injury, took a long hot shower, and then fell into bed.

Thus ended my Sunday.

Today begins another week and I’m off to the shop early to make sure everything is clean, polished, and working just in case Larry visits when he gets home later today.

I still need that vacation…