And the rest…

I wasn't exactly 'prompt' with keeping ye olde journal up to date here – I shall blame the presence of so many fun people creating so much fun stuff that I simply did not have the time and/or energy until I got home – which is now. 🙂

Picking up from the last entry; I've still never seen an evening show at Disney!

I tried, twice, and either the show I was intending to see only runs on weekends (Fantasmic!), or I simply ran out of steam long before the sun set… It's okay though, something to shoot for next time.

So, anyway: Disney – day two.

I arrived at Disney bright and early Wednesday morning with the intention of doing the other half of the park; “Disney California Adventure”.

Being as I was at the park about 45 minutes before they opened for the general public, I spent some time browsing the stores and admiring the decor. As with Disneyland proper, DCA was also done up in Diamond Jubilee decorations.
And this shot is looking down one of the themed streets leading towards the Hollywood Tower ride…
The park was not quite open yet, so all of those people standing in front of the trolley are waiting for the rope to drop. And about half of the apparent length of the street is the clever Hollywood style backdrop back there. 🙂

So my first ride of the day was the afore mentioned Hollywood Tower, which is essentially an elevator from hell housed in a really well themed hotel-like building occupied by Rod Serling's “Twilight Zone”.

From here I wandered through Bug's Land and into Cars Land with the intention of riding the Radiator Springs Racers ride.

This is a really fun ride, and quite the technical marvel – but the line is always like an hour long… But the blue car I was in won the race, which makes the wait worth it. 😀

After this I walked over to the main part of the park, Paradise Pier, which is the area most people have seen at one time or another.

My goal here was the roller-coaster known as “California Screamin'”…
This is a really long coaster – probably the best ride to line ratio in the world! I love it.

Unfortunately by the time I got here I was simply beat from an day and a half of hiking around in the California sunshine… So I got my ride and then hiked my way around the opposite side of the park to finish the circuit at the stores just inside the gates. I took the time to buy some 60th anniversary swag and then retreated to the hotel to have dinner and rest up for the convention. 😀