And then there were two…

Well, I have finally christened the kitchen here at Chateu D’Isaster. After three and a half months of only occasional microwave use, last night I spent a few hours cleaning the dust off of everything in the kitchen and making my world famous chili – and it was good.

See, Carl moved out over the weekend, which was complete with the required amount of drama of course, and now Jae and I get to eat at home.

Last night after work I stopped by King Soopers and picked up about $150 in groceries, utility items (like the big stock pot for the chili), and other sundry items we’d been needing around here to make life easier. See, I had decreed that as long as Carl was unemployed I wasn’t buying anything that wasn’t a basic essential or requirement to try and prod him into doing –something-… Well, it didn’t work.

So now a few of the zillion cabinets in the kitchen have something in them and there are a few items in the refrigerator. I figure it’ll take a few months to get the kitchen fully stocked to where it’s useable without running out to the store every night for some missing item.

I’ll also have to go around and cut dowels for all of the windows and figure out better locking systems… Since we’ve been living here Jae has forgot his keys and broke into the house through a second story window one night (I almost beat him to death as I was here and thought it was an actual burglary), and now Carl broke into the house through a basement window yesterday while Jae and I were at work… And no one saw anything on either occasion. So now I’m worried that just anyone can walk up to the house, pry open a window, and load up on a few thousand dollars in electronics without anyone noticing.

I also have to change the locks too… Not because of Carl though, but because we weren’t given the keys to a few of them when we moved in.

So, other than those items, all is switching to a more sedate and relaxed atmosphere here at the house. Jae wants to do some cleaning of Carl’s old room tonight in preparation for it becoming Jae’s new room… I took a look in there late last night and… damn… I was wondering where a few of my plates and glasses went, and we need to call a recycler for all of the empty soda bottles and cans down there. But there’s nothing that a little cleaning won’t fix… Unlike the hole in the dining room wall Carl installed that I have to un-install here this week.

Well, I have to get my glass of OJ and head for work. Have a great day out there!