Another busy week

No updates this week. I was pretty much fully involved with the ongoing Google debacle at work, or working on Second Life things.

The former might have finally resolved yesterday afternoon… A different one of the eight actual humans employed by Google asked me a lot of questions like “What specific hardware will be used?” and “What Software / APIs will be used?” Most of the answers were “I don’t know, Google is supplying the hardware / software / data / etc.”

See, all we’re doing is exposing people to some Google Gadget which will record their unique human variables for storage and analysis – in accordance with our expertise at doing this sort of thing – and then boxing up the Google Gadgets and shipping them back to Google.

For some reason this means I need to give Big-G permission to evaluate my network – which isn’t happening and you can tell Google is confused at being told “no”.

In SecondLife I finally got around to finishing the live music stage and the DJ / dance party areas. I also updated the marina to be less texture dense.

The live music stage. SL has a pretty big live music scene. The empty spot to the right is one of the two parcels in the middle of my land that I’m trying to acquire.

The re-textured marina. Two of my neighbors are up on the hill on the other side of the road. To the left is one of the parcels I’m trying to acquire to “complete the set”…

My island. The house has been redone to be more of an office for my in-world stuff. Oh, and my boat. 🙂

The DJ area and dance floor with its fancy lighting and amazing views. You also get to see the waterfall on the back side of my island.

An overview of Hikuelo Cove. I own pretty much everything south of the road with the nice landscaping (and those trees/rocks in the middle on the other side). The area on the left I’m trying to buy but it’s probably a memorial, so I do what I can to block the pile of fullbright prims… There are two parcels between the stage and the marina as well – one of which is another annoyingly bright light-source. People in SL rarely have any sense of design. Hehe.