Another day closer…

It's amazing how my outlook on things has improved since I finalized my launch date. I now get up every morning with a smile as I'm another day closer to getting the hell out of here.

The new bearings for the rear axle on the Honda should be in today and installed. Once that is done I'm going to see if I can get the AC in the car fixed for free as well… I don't really *need* the AC for the trip, but it'll be nice later in the year when Denver gets around to being punished some more and it's 100+ in the shade.

Which brings up an interesting point: You know how everyone says, “But it's a dry heat”? They're right. It got up to about 78 here the other day and I thought I was going to die… The air got so thick with humidity it was hazy and it felt like it was in the mid 90's. No amount of sweating works as you're already wet and there's no way to evaporate to cool off as the air around you is wetter than you are, which makes breathing without gills difficult at best.

It was truly miserable.

An interesting aside to all of this misery is that the swampy rain-forest atmosphere here is really good for plants. All kinds of plants. And as it's spring the plants are all having plant sex… Zeze's burgundy colored Lincoln was a nice mucous-green yesterday after work due to all of the pollen… You can see it floating in the air as a fine mist.


I have to breathe that!?


Then there are the bugs… Virginia has the insect market cornered and they don't like it out side any more than you do. So it's a constant battle to keep the outdoors, outdoors. The mosquitoes here can suck a small child dry in seconds so -no one- is outside near sunset for fear of their life. Then there are the “noseeums”… Some microscopic biting black fly that burrows into your skin, causes big red welts, and travels in packs…

Ahh, highlights of a Virginian summer…

And people live here.

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