Another day down the street from paradise…

Ok, today we're trying a new thing here for ye olde journal… I found an application for OSX that simplifies the act of posting a bit by supplying a direct desktop-to-journal interface rather than my usual habit of typing everything out in word, then cutting and pasting to here. I figure I'll try it for a few days and see what happens.

Everything is moving forward at the prescribed pace at the school. My first MCSE/MCSA classes start on the 8th of March. They are Monday-Wednesday evening classes so that should leave me enough time to check on the CBT-based A+/Net+ classes for a few weeks to make sure Zeze doesn't have any issues with them. See, Zeze knows the material well and good enough, but has never taught a formal class before… I'll also have Friday afternoons and Saturday/Sunday off, which is nice since I haven't had a complete weekend in a very long time.

Today I make another attempt over at the DMV which should be *loads* of fun.

I also finally got a chance to really work with the laptop yesterday and discovered a few very basic features that I've grown quite accustomed to missing from OSX. Oh well, I'll work around it.

Oh, and I managed to find the update for Shadowbane last night… It's not available anywhere in the US but here in Fredericksburg where one of the local game stores in the mall has a dozen copies. Now I just need to find time to mess with it.

Well, I have to run off to the DMV, then over to Express Auto for a bit, then up to Maryland to pick up Zeze's nephew, then I might have a few minutes before midnight to work on something other than my stress levels…