Another day in paradise…

It’s the beginning of another week up here in the high country.

I managed to get a little writing done this weekend. I’m currently working on a story line involving Wolf’s “Mythago” concept. It should be a fun read when I get it done; lots of suspense, action, mystery, and one liners.

I also got a chance to play around a bit more with Shadowbane. This game is really cool and I highly recommend it to others looking for a fun time online. The people on the server I’m on, which is an unofficial RP server, are really quite friendly and the level of maturity is a lot higher than most of the MMORPGs out there; which is probably due to the game requiring a high level of cooperative interaction.

I’ve decided to work up a centaur commoner who’s quite adept with a spear. Of course this meant starting over from square one, but I’ve managed to make it to 17th level in two days. It’s all a matter of how well you get along with new people and your ability to make yourself useful in a group. I’m a bit of a tactician thanks to a fellow known as “T” that I used to hang out with in the Navy… He was a brilliant tactician and could brutalize anyone in games like “Mechwarrior” and I learned a lot from him.

Anyways, still haven’t seen a full scale war, but I’ve been involved in two small skirmishes and came out on top of both. Fortunately centaurs have excellent ground speed and are pretty tough (being half horse does that I suppose) and I can cover the ground between myself and a spell casting “finger twiddler” before he can get off more than one spell. Robes just don’t help you against flailing hooves and a really long poky-thing. I’ve also gotten proficient in the flanking maneuver and have wiped out the entire healer contingent of a squad solo. While the tanks were concentrating on our frontal charge, I circled around and took out their four healers, which are armor plated finger twiddlers. It was a slaughter once that was done. 😉

I have enough money now for a half suit of plate mail, but I need to bring up my heavy armor skill a bit more before I can wear it. Then I’ll be the equivalent of a Bradly fighting vehicle; not as tough as a true tank, but fast, agile, and packing a bit of a punch of my own.

Well, gotta run. Gotta get to work.