Another day in the life…

Well, Lyon and I got the cooler fixed and life is much better here in the sweltering heat of Denver. The inside of the house is about 77 and outside it's over 100.

Lyon had to run off to class for his mid terms tonight. He'll do ok, he spent the afternoon studying for it.

As soon as Lyon left Wolf called… The car she's borrowing from Noan as hers got stolen, a Kia, broke down on the highway.

So Noan and I pile into his other car and run off to effect a rescue. On the way there the courtesy patrol comes along and does some checking to determine the fuel pump is out. I tell Noan that this is probably not the case and I'll diagnose it when we get there. Anyways, the courtesy patrol gets Wolf and the car to a gas station off the highway and we meet her there…

I poke around under the hood and find out that the culprit is a blown fuel injector fuse, and replacing said fuse blows the new one instantly… Grounded injector.

So now Noan has to get the car here so I can take it apart and meter the injectors to find the problem child and replace it… I'm nothing if not multitalented. 😛

So this once again leaves Wolf without transportation to work, so I'll be letting her borrow the Lincoln during the days for the rest of the week while I try to fix the Kia.

Ahh the wonders of modern life…

Jethro TullGreensleeved [instrumental]