Another long week…

This week was mostly waiting for stuff; the big one of course being my new car…

And I’m still waiting… It might arrive by the end of the comming week, which looks like it will be just in time for Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Let’s see, what else?

Oh, I bootcamped my iMac last evening to play some Crowfall.

The game finally released and my collector’s edition box arrived, and while I don’t technically have a machine that will run the game – because it’s Windows and I’m Mac – I can kinda fake it.

So, first off, what’s Crowfall?

Crowfall is a game I helped crowd fund back in March of 2015. It’s made by a bunch of industry veterans who’ve worked on pretty much every triple-A North American MMO to date, and is something of the spiritual successor to “ShadowBane” – a game I was really into back in 2003.

Making an MMO ranks up there with building the pyramids or maybe the great wall of china, so the fact it took six years to release doesn’t fuss me much. And based on the little bit I got to mess around in the game last evening, it looks great and is really quite fun.

So – good job with my money ArtCraft. 😀

Here’s a few pictures of my collector’s edition of the game:

The box was only lightly mangled by FedAxe…

Inside the box we have another box – and a really high-quality 32G USB key with the game, soundtrack, and other stuff on it.

Inside the second box is a full set of plastic miniatures for every racial type in the game.

A short comic book that introduces the central premise of the game.

A quick look inside the comic.

A really nice hard-bound art book.

And a look inside the art book at the Elken.

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