Another trip 'round the day-star…

So, lets see here, what all has happened in the months and months since I've really 'posted' on this thing?

Well, I'll list things in reverse chronological order, starting with tomorrow – So you get past *and* future all in one convenient post!

Tomorrow I turn 30 … 8. 38 is an awful big number.

In honor of this particular trip around the day-star I think I'll go to work just like any other day…

Lyon, a good friend of mine, has been layed up at home after having some serious surgury. So in an effort to attenuate the boredom a bit I set him up with a new video card and a copy of “World of Warcraft”… And now I'm responsible for yet another addict. 🙂

So Wolf, his wife, has been watching and listening to us blather on about the game, and she also wants in on it. So this weekend I'll pick up another video card and another copy of WoW and get her 'hooked up'.

So it's possible I've created two addicts without even really trying… I figure I'll try pushing cocaine next and see how well I do with that. (chuckle)

Prior to all of this I went to the National Western Stockshow, camera in hand, and shot about a gig of the 6-horse hitch international finals. The only problem I had was the fact that I only had the kit lense for the new Nikon D40, and with its 'spectacular' f/5.6 I was having to hand-hold 1/60 shots at 1600 ISO to get anything resembling horses into the camera.

Most of the good pictures came from the paddock area where I could widen the lense a bit and things were moving slower. That there, for those who don't know, is a grey Percheron and is one of the horses from the winning hitch.

At one point during the show they had 12 6-horse hitches in the arena at the same time, talk about horsepower…

And before this was Christmas and New Years, which was right after I moved into the condo here. For Christmas I bought myself the ultimate gaming laptop, which has been working wonderfully and has probably been the best computer purchase I've made in a long time.

So far condo-life hasn't been “bad”, but it has certainly been lacking in the “good” department… There is no parking really, though I do have a 1 car garage – if your car is the size of a motorcycle it's pretty spacious, otherwise it's about 6 inches on all sides bigger than my PT Cruiser. 😛

My down-stairs 'neighbors' are also a real piece of work as there are no adults there.

I'm serious…

See, the mom drives a 2007 BMW 735il, wears lots of fur and gold, and the dad drives a 2006 lincoln towncar and hasn't been seen in anything less than Armani. They appear to be separated as mom had the kids for a week and dad had them for the next week during Christmas, but otherwise the boy and girl live alone down there.

It seems mom and dad bought them a condo to be both close to the highschool down the road and to get them out of the house… The problem is there are about a dozen blue-bandana flying gangers down there 24/7 and the stereo gets loud and bass enough that I had to move my Whiskey collection for fear of broken bottles.

And that's about it really. My home life in the last few days has taken a turn for the better and I should be getting a bit more 'me' time from now on. This means things like posting, music, and art should be a bit easier to come by… For example, right now I'm listening to old Styx on my stereo as Zeze is out and the TV is off. This is something I haven't been able to do in six months or more.

And that makes me happy.

See, I refuse to interupt or otherwise foist myself on other people. So when the TV is on, I don't run anything that makes noise as I don't want to cause a conflict. The same goes for when Zeze's friends are over nearly every weekend – which precludes me doing anything really so I've been evicting myself from my own house or sequestering myself in my room nearly every weekend for the last year.

Well, Zeze and I came to an agreement over the weekend and things should bode a bit better for me now as I'll get a score of hours every weekend where I can turn off the TV, turn on the stereo, and try to create something.

And that too makes me happy, and a happy me is a creative me… hense the posting, the sketching, and the other happy aspects of me coming to the surface. 🙂

But for now I have to go, so until next time, stay safe out there!