Anti-Social Media

I get asked fairly often if I have a social media account… The answer is apparently ‘no’ because running your own website / journal doesn’t count.

I kinda/sorta participated in Twitter for a few years between 2014 to 2017, but I’m far too wordy for 140 characters. That and the manufactured outrage stated to get to me; I actually did some research on how ‘Trending’ is manipulated to drive advertising dollars or the agenda du jour. And that really illustrated why I didn’t need to be involved.

I never got into Facebook because when Facebook was invented I was already involved in LiveJournal. That and FaceBook’s invasiveness was a bit too creepy for me.

As for the rest; nope. No Instagram, no TikTok, no Snapchat… I don’t even have a Reddit account anymore.

Apparently YouTube qualifies as social media now… I did use gmail for a number of years, between 2004 and 2010, and then on and off as disposable email addresses… But these days I’m even free of the Big G; no gmail account, no youtube account, no Blogger account – no all-seeing eye of Sauron heavily embedded into every aspect of my Internet use… I’m even transitioning my company off of G-Suite.

I do use Telegram to chat with a few friends, and I have a Discord account I’ve not really had time to interact with in a couple of months, but that’s about it.

My DNS is privately hosted, my email is privately hosted, my website is privately hosted, even my backups are privately hosted – which is kinda how the Internet of yore used to operate; if you wanted to do something online, you had to build it yourself.

I like that kind of self-reliance.