Art life and the complications of Network Engineering…

I have a meeting with the client that has me making icons this afternoon. I think I'll let them know that once they are happy with this one set, I'm done.

I was told via the grapevine that they are upset that I'm not creating what they want, which isn't too surprising as it's clear they don't know what they want… So it's probably best that they just hire someone full-time to work out what they want and unify the design.

I can apply the time I'm burning on this on other more fruitful endeavors.

Other than that, it's a Monday… 

CenturyLink finally got the message that the install they were supposed to have finished last month still isn't done — even though they sent a bill for a month of service that cannot be used.

Back in August I decided to try and switch from Level-3 to CenturyLink being as CenturyLink owns Level-3 now — and this would reduce my internet costs from $3000 a month to $500 a month, bonus!

After they got me to sign they explained that their business-class offering only comes with five IP addresses though. This is problematic as I have a full class-C and a couple of partial blocks as well… The sales guy (who is no longer there) said this was no problem, I just had to submit a form for the wider address range…

Once I submitted for the wider IP range, CenturyLink all but vanished; emails go unanswered, phone calls drop to full voicemail boxes, and no one will return calls. I unplugged the router a week ago to see if the alarm would trigger a phone call — no dice.

Sunday I got an email from someone at CenturyLink though, mentioning that the IP address range has been fixed. I have a meeting with them on Wednesday to go over the issues we've had. So — maybe.

The funny thing is this comes after Comcast Business showed up Friday to ask if they could put some gear in my building to expand service across the street to the new apartment complex… This means that Comcast Business is now an option for my building, so I have a meeting with them this afternoon to discuss the options.

Somehow I will reduce my internet costs from what Level-3 was charging. See, I was with Data393 back on 2005, who then got bought by Time Warner, who then got bought by Level-3, who then got bought by CenturyLink — and though all of these acquisitions the costs have stayed the same… So I'm paying 2005 rates for service that is much cheaper these days.

That's just not working out for me.