Ask me about my vow of silence!

I had a great weekend down in Denver. I got to Denver at about noon Sunday and Aryntha, Rai and I chugged over to the Denver Zuni AT&T complex for some photos shortly thereafter. That’s a *big* place, let me tell you… We’re still trying to get a tour of it.

We went from there to a restaurant called “Noodles” that serves, well, noodles. I had a really great chicken stroganoff bowl there and it’s quite tasty and amazingly filling for being turtle-neck type yuppie-food.

From there we swung by Aryntha and Rai’s place to get a different car. We then took off to the East to go look at an old AT&T long lines facility called “Strasburg” which is right near… Strasburg. We got our photos in the fading light and headed back for Denver.

On the way back to south west Denver we were driving by Wolf and Lyon’s place so I called and we stopped by to introduce everyone. We spent a few hours there chit-chatting and going over plans for world domination then finished the trek to Aryntha and Rai’s place.

We spent the rest of the evening compiling our images and data from the day’s adventures.

I crashed there for the night. Monday morning Rai and I went over to a hole-in-the-wall breakfast place while Aryntha got another hour’s sleep then we all took off to follow Parker Rd (hwy 83) from Aurora to Colorado Springs. We’d had reports of old telephone sightings on this road and went prepared. I drove so that Aryntha could employ his new “light vacuum”; a Canon DSLR 300d with this monster 200mm zoom lens and a 1.4x teleconverter… The g’zinta hole on this lens is about four inches across and the whole rig is about a two feet long and is an arm numbing 7-8 pounds. It’s impossible to deploy quickly and is a bit quirky yet, but it takes mind blowing photos… Of things in other states.

Really, the zoom on the thing let us count beams on a tower nearly 20 miles away on a mountain… Amazing.

So we toodled on south and found our target, a facility called “Black Forest”, got some photos and headed back. On the way Aryntha’s phozone detector started tingling and he lead us over hill and dale to this ancient tower that was decommissioned some time before 1994. From highway 83, some 10 miles away, “Hilltop” looks remarkably like a high tension tower, but Aryntha wasn’t fooled.

So we returned yet again to their apartment, did the data-dump from all the cameras and I headed back up the mountain to work on the web site and get to the shop Tuesday morning. Once again the web site is:

This is only for those of you out there with a dangerously high geek quotient. 🙂

And with that I’m gonna head out. Have a great day out there folks…