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Automotive update…

I just got off the phone with the local repair place and it looks like I’ll have to leave the car up here till Tuesday evening. They don’t have the belt for it here, and it’ll have to come up from Denver.

Fortunately, barring any damages from the belt whipping about under the hood and me driving the car a few miles without a water pump, this little adventure will only run me around a hundred bucks.

Why do I get the feeling it wont?

At any rate we did get some gaming in for a few hours yesterday, which almost offsets the car-crap. Then last night we watched several episodes of “Firefly” which is really quite the fun series for those of us who are into inventive space-opera type things.

I’ll be getting a ride back home here as soon as Aryntha or Rai wakes up (noon-ish most likely) so I can do laundry and whatnot before enjoying some mass-transit to work Monday.

It’s always an adventure…