Back at it…

Well, it was a very slow weekend. Saturday I spent most of the day futzing around on the computer which resulted in my fixing the line in the screen… Loose connections suck.

Sunday I did a little hiking up in Dark Territory just to get out into the world for a while. The nice thing about going for long walks in the mountains stems from the down side to taking long walks in the mountains: mountains. To get anywhere you have to do a few miles on a sunny, tree covered stair climber as it's all *up* from just about anywhere. But this also tends to keep the teeming masses at bay allowing one to be at peace for as long as they deem necessary.

Sunday night I spent a few hours playing around with “Shadowbane” and eventually going from level 1 with this new Minotaur Warrior I rolled up to about level 40… Man, I guess I've really figured this game out. The nice thing about Shadowbane is that it's about 80% player versus player so once you get into the 40-50 area, it's not about figuring out the games monster AI, but about figuring out how to keep your group alive when a group of seven other players decides to try and kill ya.

Fortunately Minotaurs are unbelievably powerful warriors. With over 4000 hit points at level 40, and full plate, it takes a group of PKers (player killers) about 3 minutes to even get my attention and by then the rest of the guild has got there… It's awe inspiring to see a 73rd level druid get pissed off in this game.

So, anyways, that's about it for the news of note from here in Vail Colorado. Have a most excellent day out there.

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