Back to work…

Well, let's see… Saturday I took Lyon and Wolf over to Sonic for breakfast.

Aryntha and Rai got stuck in traffic on I-225 and had to brave the wilds of southern Aurora without Aryntha's GPS. It was also raining pretty good which always serves to make Denver folks freak out. See, rain in Denver is sort of like snow in Miami and people in general seem to find the change to be so completely baffling that they begin to do some extremely stupid things. Anyways they didn't arrive till about 3pm.

Once Aryntha and Rai made it to the house it was determined that Lyon and Wolf were going to go get sodas so I took Aryntha and Rai to get some grub over at Sams #3.

We got back and attempted some gaming till about midnight though all manner of odd interruptions supplied by Kaitlin and her friend who was spending the night… It all culminated with Aryntha being the victim of a full on mooning by the afore mentioned teen… She'll literally do anything to remain the center of attention.

So, with Kaitlin being “in da house” all night we didn't get a lot done, but I'll write up the paragraph or two over the next few days.

Sunday Aryntha, Rai, and I went north of Denver to get some photos of the AT&T Long Lines towers at Greeley and Timnath. Yet more amazing scenery:

A typical “Big Sky” shot from the plains towards the Rockies.

On the way back south on I-25 we decided to get some non-blizzard photos of the Longmont LCXR facility and as we took photos on the side of the road we were approached by a fellow who said he ran out of gas on his way to Fort Collins from Boulder… We piled him into the Toyota and drove him the ten miles or so to get gas and back to his truck which eventually restarted and he was on his way.

Score another karma point for us.

We headed back to Aryntha and Rai's place by way of BestBuy so that Aryntha could early-adopt a dual layer Sony DVD burner, and a side trip by “Noodles” which is a pretty keen, if extremely “California”, place to have dinner.

After that I called Larry to see if today, Monday, was really a holiday for me and as he'd forgotten all about it and scheduled an appraiser, it wasn't.

So I tooled up the mountain, though the blizzard-like conditions of the area between Berthoud and Vail passes, and here to good ol Chateau D'Isaster.

The appraiser should be here in another 30-60 minutes so I suppose I should get everything together.

Have a good day out there folks!

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