Bad movies…

Just got back from Aryntha’s new place… It’s out there, but not too bad. At least it’s easy to get away from people there. I also met the new roommate, though I can’t remember her name, but she’s pretty cool.

It’s a 70’s style place, kinda like mine, though with more wood and less open area, and a much better view.

Tonight’s theme was “the 1970’s” in honor of the house, and the festivities included listening to old 70’s records like Alan Parson’s “Eye In The Sky”, Yes’s “Fragile”, and others; and a few movies on Aryntha’s *huge* TV.

A discussion ensued as to what the worst movie –ever- is, and several suggestions were bandied about – Great bad movies like “Ice Pirates” and “Logan’s Run” were tossed out, but I trumped them all with “Zardoz”… 😉

So we watched “Ice Pirates” followed by “Zardoz”, and yes, it is the –worst- movie ever.

Aryntha and I have seen “Zardoz” before and therefore have developed a resistance to it, but Rai and the roommate simply weren’t prepared for it: Rai started moaning in pain and clutching her skull after the first hour, and ultimately her brain got sprained which resulted in a blank stare towards the vicinity of the TV. The roommate was heard to say that if Aryntha or I ever pulled something like “Zardoz” on her again, she’d kick our collective asses.

Score one for us I guess…

For those of you who have somehow missed this cinematic masterpiece and are curious about it, know first off that it has Sean Connery and giant floating stone heads in it… Now take “Brazil” and mix it with equal portions of “Clockwork Orange” and “Mad Max”, toss in some “Logan’s Run” and a pinch of “Flesh Gordon”, bake well in 1974-era acid culture and you get something close to “Zardoz”… It’s special.

So now it’s a chapter in the current book I’m reading, then off to bed with me…