Bears in the woods, part two…

Ok latching down the cans didn't work. It's time to use a little evolution here on my part and put the cans in the garage.

Most folks around here would just call animal control and have the bear executed because it's “dangerous”… Really. It's just a black bear cub and while I realize it won't be a cub forever, you have to be *really* stupid to get attacked by a black bear, in which case I chalk it up to darwinism.

Black bears are browsers and next to skunks, the most laid back wild animal out there… Seriously, if they thought you wouldn't freak out they'd come in, grab a slice of pizza, and curl up on the couch to watch TV.

Anyways, at about 5 am this morning I got woken up again by Brother Bear doing bear things in my driveway. He's already learned that when I hit him with the flashlight it's time to blaze and in that, this is a game to him. He also doesn't make a huge mess, preferring to rip up the bags while they're still in the can to get to some ham sandwich or leftover chicken.

So, once I get the boiler running again and get some hot water making, I'll go out, pick up the bag, grab the paper, and move the garbage cans inside the garage… Knowing my luck Brother Bear will just open my car and use the garage door opener. 🙂

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