Behold! A cellphone that just makes phone calls!

As I mentioned a while back, I’m giving up on my iPhone XS Max in favor of something with less demands on my time and attention. Enter the Light Phone II.

Due to zombies and riots and other such elements of day-to-day life in 2020, it took a bit longer than anticipated for the phone to arrive, but it did.

It’s roughly the size of eight credit cards stacked, weighs about the same, and feels really solid in the hand. It’s really small for today’s giant slab of glass phones, but for me it harkens back to those older, boxy Blackberrys that I had to carry around — with maybe a touch of StarTac thrown in there.

Currently the phone does three things; phone calls, text messages, and has an alarm… That’s it.

Call quality is pretty good, but the texting is merely ‘workable’. Texting isn’t something you want to do just because you want to talk with your thumbs… I’ll see if there’s some way to auto-reply with “Call me” for the 3-4 people that will have this number.

Speaking of, the new phone has a new phone number, while the old phone will keep the old number. The iPhone will live on my desk as an interface for all of my banks and whatnot who love to send security codes as text messages or cannot conceive of someone not having a smart phone to run their app du jour…

The iPhone is on “ting”, so if I’m not using it, it costs a mere $6 a month — $12 if I make a couple of calls and texts. The new phone is on Light Phone’s unlimited plan which is $30 a month — so even with two phones I’m still at a third of what AT&T used to charge me.